Reception Desks

Reception Desks

A business office should be built with all the places and spaces for different transactions that are needed to run a day to day routine. A business office needed to have a room or office for each and every department. One of the departments for a business office is the reception or receiving area. This is where the receptionist is situated that welcomes and attends to guests that come to an office and complete with a reception desk.

This is also called as the business lobby. The reception area should have an inviting and cosy atmosphere. This area is where the first impressions about the office or business from guests are derived. This is also the place where the guests are seated to wait in case they needed to. A reception area should also have a personalised and suitable reception desk and office furniture. Oftentimes, the company name and logo is displayed in the reception area. The design of the reception desk is also based on the company’s motif.

Several businesses have main reception lobbies and reception areas for each and every department. This is very important in order to keep the transactions of the business in privacy. This prevents the guests to come straight inside a particular department or office. Thus, the receiving area is where the guests are screened and identified before being allowed to enter the business premises.

The receptionists are the ones who do this screening and identification process. The reception desk is the receptionist workstation. This is where you find the telephones, computers and ID pass that are handed to the guests before entering the business offices. A reception desk should be complete with all the features and amenities that a receptionist would require. There should be spaces for the files, the computers and the telephones. It should be accessible for the receptionists since the reception area is the busiest department in an office.

There are different shapes for reception desks. Some are L shaped while some are half oval or half circle shaped. The shape of the reception desk could be based on the size and shape of the reception area. However, some based their reception desk shape from the business design.

There are also a lot of designs that were made available for reception desks. There are fancy reception desks and there are also simple but elegant reception desks. The most important things in choosing a reception desk for a reception area or lobby is to have all the necessary spaces and places in conducting the day to day transaction in that department.

It has to be adaptable to the day to day transaction of a certain business office. Finding a suitable reception desk for your business makes it easy and smooth for the receptionist to conduct their daily routine.

There are ready made reception desks available in several office furniture shops. However, there are office furniture shops that also offer custom made reception desks. This is because some clients have their own designs and preferences when it comes to their receiving area. Here are some tips to remember in choosing the right reception desks for your business office:

Consider the size of the reception area first before buying a reception desk

The desk should not be too big or too small for the area. There should be enough space left for other furniture that are needed to be placed in the reception area.

Consider the shape of the reception area

Before choosing a reception desk, you should consider the shape of the reception area. The shape of the reception desk should not be hindering or much too much in contrast with the shape of the area.

Consider the type of clients that your business has

Before purchasing a reception desk, you should consider the type of business you have. You should also consider your clients as to what appeals to them the most. It should look inviting and appealing to them to have that good first impression.

Consider the decorations in the reception area

Before buying a reception desk, you should consider the other furniture and decorations that would come with it in the reception area. It should complement each other so as to achieve that welcoming and inviting look.

Consider the storage and spaces of the reception desk

Before buying a reception desk, you should check first if the receptionist’s workstation has all the places and spaces that they needed. This should depend on the day to day transaction that the reception area is conducting. It should be suitable and adaptable to the business and most importantly, to the receptionist.

These things to consider before getting a reception desk for your office are very important. This could make or break your business. That is the reason why it takes a lot of consideration before doing so. This is the place where all your business guests and clients come first. This is the first thing that they will see when they come to visit your office. This provides a statement to your client or would be clients as they come to your office.

This provides a lasting impression. Thus, the reception desk, the office furniture as well as the decoration should be high end and impressive so as to give that impression that you business is stable on could be depended on. Not only that the reception desk is important, a good receptionist is equally important as well.

A business office with a pleasant and good receptionist contributes a great deal to the success of the company. In addition, a good receptionist could perform and function well if he or she has all the necessary equipments, a conducive environment and suitable workstation to do his or her job effectively. One could say that the reception desk makes the receptionist.

If the reception desk or workstation is stiff and has no space for organisation, then the receptionist would eventually be disorganised as well. Just like any other desks, it really depends on the user. Thus, it is important to make your reception desk suitable for your receptionists.